Divesture / Reassignment Projects


  • A large Engineering firm in Mumbai, India with a high regard for treating its employees well divested a product division, creating a reassignment and transition challenges for many key employees in a different region.
  • Look-alike employee data and processing systems were created in the new division. This process created work for the HR group.


  • The General Manager responsible for employee services expected the service volume and quality levels to remain high, even while the HR team would also split some making the move to the new division.
  • The divestiture and transition would be accomplished over a five-month period. With the split of the HR term itself, the project seemed set up to fail without assistance.


  • SixSigma met the management to determine the timelines, goals and expectations.
  • The solution called for a team manager to coordinate with the company while giving oversight to some 20 input and consultants were contracted to work on the new division until the required employees transferred to the new setup.
  • Recruited were individuals strong in technical and in functional areas and from the similar industries. So that they could be flexibly used during the different stages of the process.


  • The reassignment and processing of 200 employees were accomplished successfully.
  • The contract support team was used in various capacities throughout the project due to their flexible capabilities and knowledge. Service expectations were met in both the sending and receiving divisions without a stoppage in productions and the functions of the company.

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