Staffing Services

Our clients turn to SixSigma Resource Group most frequently for help in filling contract, regular full-time and specific project positions. The HR experience and knowledge of our core staff also enables us to define our client’s business needs quickly and clearly and more effectively select appropriate candidates through a comprehensive screening and interview process.

Direct Placement

Business in all industries turn to SixSigma Resource Group when they need to add or replace regular full time IT professionals or functional consultants within their staffs. Our own competency in all of the HR functions allows us to understand your specific business needs and target the precise combination of knowledge, experience and style required for the positions open.

IT Temp Staffing

We match the candidates to the tasks you need completed based on the description of skills you have provided. Once you select the candidate for your needs we place them on our payroll and their work for you begins. SixSigma takes all of its contract professionals and assumes the employer of record responsibilities for all mandated withholdings including insurance, state employee insurance, PF, TDS, EWF, PT, medcline, life insurance, gratuity, bonus, all types of leave benefits as per statutory requirements for the duration of the employment.

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