Internship Programs


A prominent technology firm had begun the strategic planning for a locally based start-up, joint-venture web development firm. The new firm would be managed locally and initially staffed with key, individuals from both technology businesses.


The start-up needed to develop its own HR infrastructure, processes and policies to allow it to recruit, hire and retain talent to be competitive in the market space. HR leadership was needed to guide the infrastructure development and provide support to the organisation and its launch.


  • SixSigma recruited a HR head, which the company hired.
  • SixSigma developed appropriate employment and compliance policies, including a comprehensive employee handbook and safety plan and a coordinated benefits broker to manage the development and installation of competitive benefits.
  • SixSigma conducted a competitive market and salary analysis, developed a complete compensation program including the base salary structure, short and long-term incentives, a bonus plan and executive compensation package.


  • The new firm was positioned in its market space to competitively attract and retain the talent it needs to succeed. Executive pay was changed to reflect local market conditions and a robust benefits package will help with recruitment.
  • The company’s benefits and policy information were delivered in a standard format making it electronically available to employees.

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