Recruitment and Hiring Projects


American-based automobile company in Chennai launched a regular full-time hiring initiative with a very compressed timeline for completion.


  • The company’s HR personal was concerned about meeting the special hiring needs time line while handling the on-going employment requirements for the rest of the business.
  • Some portion of the employment process would need to be augmented to handle the increased work load.


  • After meeting with the employment leadership and assessing their process, goals and expectations – SixSigma proposed a staff augmentation approach.
  • SixSigma recruited experienced employment specialists to handle the processing of resumes and screening of candidates, leaving the final selection and presentation of candidates to the company’s recruiting staff.


  • The SixSigma contract employment specialists enabled the company to reach its goal of hiring, more than 80 additional, regular full time staff within the compressed two-month time frame.
  • Staffing support to the rest of the company was not diminished.
  • Staffing support to the rest of the company was not diminished.
    At the conclusion of the hiring period the contract staff went away negating the possibilities of costly layoffs.

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